MU (µ ) CMS is a tiny and hackable CMS system. It is made to be used as is, or with features you added yourself. Downloads

Installing MU CMS

Download MU-CMS, extract it and put the contents on your webserver. Now edit index.php to suit your needs (the configuration is on the top of the file).

Managing pages

Pages are stored in /pages as markdown files. The default link to these pages is ‘/index.php?page=pagename’ without the extention, this is added automaticaly. To create a page, simply create a new file and start editing. To edit a page… just edit the file, and to delete you just delete that file. Simple!

Special pages

There is a special page,, if you create this file in the ‘pages’ directory, it will be shown when a unexisting page is requested.

Also, the filename can not be used, as ?page=blog is used for the blog, and if the blog is disabled it will display a 404 error.


There is a blogging system built in, but you dont have to use it. By default you can access it on ?page=blog, but if you set $use_included_blog to false, it will be disabled.

By default blog posts files are structured like this: Use underscores for spaces. the BLOG_ portion is striped from the URL, but the date is required.

Admin module.

There is a simple administration module built in (from version 1.2), to configure, set $admin_enable to TRUE, and change the password (and username if you wish). Then you can add ?admin=panel to your url (so for example Adding your own features

If you know PHP, you can add your own features, or send me an e-mail with suggestions for modules I should make.

Licence: MIT.